What is the Syllabus?


The BjP Syllabus consists of seven routines targeting various skills while developing overall fitness, strength and flexibility. Every age group has its own routines and music.

Marching — targets posture, toe point, strength and stretch in the legs and middle to upper body.

Warm-up — a cardiac work out targeting correct positions, strength and control in an aerobic dance.

Breathing — a routine is aimed at control and balance after the bounce of the warm up.

Exercise group — a dance requiring strong, exact positions demonstrating stamina and flexibility.

Relax — a very pretty exercise involving basic classical ballet moves. It targets positions, grace and turn out of feet and knees.

Floor drill — this exercise is performed whilst on the floor and targets flexibility, strength, positions and control. At this stage it is also testing your fitness and stamina!

Dance — a very modern jazz style dance that everyone loves to learn. It is often to great funky music that really gets your hips wiggling. The dance targets stamina, strength and presentation with a big smile - a very important ingredient to a great dance!